Keeping the House Warm Affordably

Keeping the House Warm Affordably

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Whatever heating system you use for your house, when the bill arrives many of us will open it with a certain amount of trepidation, quietly praying that it is not too outrageous. England is not the warmest place around at the best of times and in the winter months especially, many have to play a balancing game between turning the thermostat up to where we are nice and warm, and turning it back down again, so we can afford to pay the bill. If you live in an older house with an aging heating system, which is not particularly efficient, keeping the bill down is probably a fairly high priority, but it might be a very good time to consider energy saving options, which can keep the house comfortable while slashing the cost.

Good Insulation

A house without good loft insulation is easy to spot in the winter, as it is the house without any snow on its roof, and is a sign that house is paying way too much on heating, with its precious warmth disappearing into the ether. Cavity wall insulation can prevent exactly the same thing happening with heat escaping through the walls, while good windows and doors can cut drafts and prevent a significant amount of heat, and money also being lost. With 25% of heat being lost going through the roof and 35% through the walls and Government assistance available to rectify both, if you don’t have it, now is a good time to change that. Savings will instantly be noticed on your next bill.

Efficient Heating

The chances are, especially if you live in an older home, with an older heating system, that you are paying 60-70% more on your heating than you need to. Next time your plumber is visiting you for service or heating repair in Peterborough, you should ask them about installing a heat pump system. A heat pump is an extraordinarily efficient device which takes any amount of ambient heat from its surrounding environment, and uses it to provide warm air and hot water for your house. It works similar to the way your fridge keeps everything cool, except in reverse. The fridge removes warm air from inside, keeping everything cool, but you can feel the warm air it has removed escaping at the back. Much as the fridge still works in the summer, so a heat pump works all year round, able to extract heat from its environment, even when temperatures are very low, using a coil full of refrigerant fluid, a compressor pump and a heat exchanger. As with all heating, it works best when your home is properly insulated, but can be integrated into many existing heating systems, so installation may not be too disruptive and grants of up to £12,000 can be applied for.

Solar Energy

Solar has been around for a while and is now more efficient than it has ever been. Even on cloudy days todays solar panels are still able to generate completely clean energy, providing your house with hot water, while reducing your bills. If you would like to start seeing your energy bills reduce by more than half, it is time to talk to your local plumbing professionals about the best options for your property.

By looking at all of the above, you are likely to save a significant amount on your winter fuel bills.

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