Landscaping your Garden Makes Sense

Landscaping your Garden Makes Sense

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Many of us spend a great deal of time, money and energy decorating the inside of our homes, to make them as attractive and comfortable as possible, but quite often the garden gets very little attention other than a general tidy up from time to time, and often stays the same way throughout a person’s tenure. Landscaping your garden not only makes it more attractive and welcoming, it has a number of additional benefits, which many people may not realise.

The Financial Benefit

While many people might consider money poured into the garden to be an unnecessary added expense, they would actually be quite wrong. As most real estate agents can tell you, a well landscaped garden can not only make your property more desirable when it comes time to sell, but can also add significant additional value to the property. A beautiful garden with a patio is likely to sell quicker than a bare garden too. An additional benefit some might not realise, but is proven fact, is that a good garden can actually reduce your utility bills, as the trees, shrubs and grasses, help protect your home from cold winds in winter, while absorbing heat from the sun during the summer, helping to keep your house cooler, especially pleasant when a heat wave comes along.

Health Benefits

Having a nice garden can be very good for your health for a variety of reasons, not only because working on the garden, or just playing there with the children increases your physical activity, which is good for your body and cardio vascular system. Relaxing outdoors can often lighten your mood and relieve stress, unless of course your garden is a total mess, which might instead add to it. The trees and plants themselves add to your health by removing dust, smoke and other pollutants from the air, while absorbing Carbon Dioxide, while giving out oxygen, giving you cleaner air.

Relaxation Benefits

If you visit your local building and garden merchants like Huws Gray, landscape materials for every eventuality are available, so you can set up a nice balance of hard surfaces, furniture and greenery to make the perfect place to relax or to entertain guests. It is easier than you might think to set up a comfortable outdoor living room, allowing you to enjoy the feel of nature all around you, with a big screen TV, enabling you to watch the football, or your favourite programme with your family or friends, and let your cares drift away.

Environmental Benefits

A good garden is not only an attractive place to be, it is also good for the environment. Retaining walls, trees and plants can all help to prevent erosion, and reduce the amount of your soil which can be washed away into our waterways, while possibly causing issues with your foundations. Native plants and flowers not only provide a good environment for local birds and wildlife, every single one is generating oxygen and combatting climate change.

The land your house stands on was once the sole preserve of Mother Nature, so to be environmentally considerate, it is good to give something back, and when you add up the benefits a nice garden can bring, you owe it to yourself to get it done too.

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