Update Your Floors with Stylish Concrete

Update Your Floors with Stylish Concrete

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Flooring options have a come a long way in recent years. The hard flooring trend is going strong with many new colours and finishes. Tile, wood, and laminate are among some of the most valued options. Many people, however, have begun to value the concrete that is already present under their current flooring. It is not uncommon for homeowners to rip out their carpet and place a stain or epoxy down on the concrete. A sealed concrete floor can be extremely durable. It can hold up to pets, kids, and frequent cleanings.


When people set out to change the floors in their homes, there are many options to choose from. One of the first things that they may consider is the amount of foot traffic in a particular area of the home. The living room and dining areas are often a hub of activity from family members, and when gatherings are held. You may need something that is going to hold up to children’s rolling toys, high heeled shoes, and the toenails of various pets. Concrete can be polished to make this possible.


The main reason that most people opt for hard floors is because they are a cleaner option. Carpet is a terrible option for people that are sensitive to dust or simply do not like dirt in their home. Hard floors can be swept and mopped on a regular basis. Laminate floors may be a little more sensitive to wet mopping than tile and concrete, however.

Polished concrete is a low-maintenance flooring option. The sealant keeps water from soaking into the concrete when it is time for a good mopping. A broom can easily remove debris on most days, as well. If you have kids that spill, or pets that have accidents, polished concrete floors can be a great addition. Everyone in the home can be free of stress over keeping the floors perfect, as messes can be easily wiped up.


Cost can be big obstacle when it comes to flooring, especially if the floor is being replaced suddenly. Many people choose to use the concrete floors in their homes while they save for something else. They may end up never moving on from the concrete after they see how well it holds up and how nice it looks. Instead of paying for flooring materials, you end up only paying for the finish. Cost may be more for epoxy, as opposed to a basic stain. You can, however, get more wear out of it. Polished options may also vary. Colours are common in many homes.  A professional can assess the situation and help you with ideas and an estimate.

Take the time to assess the condition of your concrete. A professional can help you prepare the floor for the polished look. You can enjoy polished concrete for many years without having to worry about wear and tear. It can also be kept nice and clean with no issues. Your home can easily be updated with minimal effort and cost.

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